What test strips does BeneCheck meter use?

Please use BeneCheck's strips. Strips from other brands do not apply to BeneCheck's meters. 

What type of batteries are used?

CR 2032.

Please remove the plastic tab under the battery before using.

How do I set/ change the time on BeneCheck meter?

Press “S” Button (3 secs) → One “Beep” Sound → Setting Mode → Turn Off Automatically after Setting

Setting order: Year/ Month/ Date/ Hour/ Minute

• Press “M” button to advance one unit, “S” button to enter next setting.

What is coding?

You will need a code card to input the code to your meter. For BeneCheck meter, you NEED to do the coding step every time you open a new vial of strip.

How to code BeneCheck meter?

1. Make sure the meter is off. 

2. Insert the code card.

3. Make sure the code on screen, strip vial and code card is the same. 

4. Remove the code card. 

• Code your meter when you first use it or when you open a new vial of strips.

• With Auto Strip Recognition function, once you code your meter, the meter will switch to the test mode automatically when you insert a strip.


How to store BeneCheck meter?

• Avoid bump or violent behavior.
• Do not use in extremely dry environment. It may cause static discharges.
• Do not use under electromagnetic radiation, ex: electrical equipment.
• Do not disassemble the meter for any reason.
• Keep meter clean by wiping the exterior appearance with tissues or lint-free cloth.

Cleaning and Caring for BeneCheck Meter

Please use soft cloth slightly damp with one of the following solution to clean meter surface.
• 75% alcohol
• Super Sani-Cloth disposable wipes
• Mild dishwashing liquid with water
• 10% household bleach solution and 90% water
• Do not allow any other wet cloth or liquid.
• Do not allow any liquid run in or around the test port and battery cover.
• Make sure the meter is completely dry before use.

Is my BeneCheck meter accurate?

BeneCheck fulfills ISO 15197 standard.

Do I need to calibrate my BeneCheck meter?

No, you do not have to calibrate your meter. When you have doubt with test results, please contact your local distributor.


What is the preservation duration for BeneCheck Strip?

The expiring date will printing on the strip box. Once you open a vial of strip, please use it within 3 months.



What happens if I use expired test strips?

Using expired test strips will cause inaccurate test results. Please check expiry date before use, and marked the open date on the strip vials. The expiry date is printed on the strip box.

My BeneCheck strips have not passed the expiring date yet, why are they damped already?

The strips could get damp
- if your hands are wet when you take out the strip
- if you do not close the strip vial immediately
- if you do not preserve the strips in a suitable condition.


Storage conditions for BeneCheck strips

- Store your strips at room temperature, 10-30°C (50-86°F).
- Prevent direct sunlight, heat, refrigerate and freeze.
- DO NOT pack your strips separately in different container.
- DO NOT place your strips in refrigerator.
- Recap your strip vial immediately after you take out the strip, and make sure it is closed properly.
- DO NOT replace the strip in the vial after taking it out.
- DO NOT expose your strip in the air for a long time.
- DO NOT put the code card in the strip vial.

Can I pack BeneCheck strip separately?

Absolutely NOT!
The strips will become damp easily and influence the test results. There is drying agent in the vial, and the expiring date is the same as the strip. So please keep the strip in the original vial.

Why my test results from BeneCheck meter are different from other meters?

According to FDA regulation, when you want to compare test results, you need to acquire blood samples at the same time from the same spot, and compare with biochemical analyzer. You cannot compare the results directly even the meters are the same model and brand.

Please make sure you follow the steps when you clean your hands:

1. Take out the strip before you sterilize your hands with alcohol wipes.
2. Before opening strip vial, make sure your hands are clean and dry.
3. After taking out the strip, please recap the vial immediately, and make sure it is closed completely.
4. Use the alcohol wipes to sterilize the puncture site.
5. Make sure the puncture site is dry from the alcohol sterilization. Otherwise it will influence the test result.

I am the only one using lancets, can I reuse it?

 Symbol of "Do Not Reuse", “Single Use”, "Use Only Once".

The reasons for not reusing lancets:

- Less painful
- Avoid infection
- Less harm to skin tissue

Can the first drop of blood be used for testing?

Please wipe off the first drop of  blood. 

How can I get a drop of blood easier while sampling?

Ways to improve blood flow
- Warm your hands by washing them with warm water, but make sure they are dry before testing.
- Massage your hands from your palm to fingers for a couple times.

How much blood do I need to perform a test?

Blood Glucose - 0.7 μL
Total Cholesterol - 26 μL
Uric Acid - 1 μL

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